Ah Sweet Sanity

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Ah, Sweet Sanity

Never before have I felt
so sane
Patient, even.
All the cogs working together
in unison
All the pieces of my life
falling into place.

Never before have I been
so crazy
Emotionally volatile
Even when it’s falling
into place, the falling sensation
can really freak a girl out.

I’m a narrator in my own movie
and I’m watching myself.
I watch myself freak out and then
I watch myself center and calm down.

It’s like I’m two different people and
Then remember, I’m also the narrator
So, really I’m three people and
What does that do for my reality?

I may spontaneously combust
Explode like a cracker jack

Tense, so tense
I’ll implode into myself
until I’m dense, black
light sucking material
and I’ll feel that way, too
When really I’m just as brilliant
as the next star (girl)

Sanity must be an illusion!

March 25, 2010