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The Glam Trash Fashion Show Project

The evolution of society continues to enable innovation and reconsideration of systems and order. New systems are created constantly to temper the destruction of old and outdated ones. In the evolving world, everything is considered with regards to its position in the circle of life. From compost to high fashion, all webs are connected, and every step counts. Creatives since the dawn of time have expressed their concern with the state of social order through art and the current times are no different. In response to heaping landfills, many artists have taken to the trash and transformed it into something more functional, beautiful, and alive. There is no eternal landfill after all.

In Taos, there is a tradition of progressive counter-culture lifestyle, and as a result, art thrives. The Taos Glam Trash Fashion Show is one of many remarkable local events that showcases numerous artists expression of sartorial flare. Kiki has participated in the Taos Glam Trash Fashion Show four times – designing two dresses, modeling four, and winning first place twice.

Night At The Movies: Night at The Movies is a cocktail dress designed by Kiki Shakti, a filmmaker from Taos. The dress is made out of her undergraduate thesis film, Golden Framboise, a 13 minute and 30 second science fiction absurd comedy, a terribly great excursion into the land of camp, shot on 16mm film.




















Kiki’s hat is made out of the film canisters that housed the over 6000 feet of negative and work-print (a print that has been developed for the purposes of editing on a Steenbeck machine). The flowers on her hat are made out of plastic film reels, light blue gels, some 16mm work-print, and white leader that is labeled “head” meaning that that is the beginning of the reel.

The dress is an old crappy white strapless dress, that Kiki added most of her work-print and some negative to. You can tell by the color. The orange-ish filmstrips are the negative, the rest of it is work-print. The white leader strips on the bustle were labeled “tail” meaning that that is the tail end of the film reel. And the black waistband is the film’s audio on 16mm magnetic tape. Her shoes are made from leader that was labeled “foot” by the lab. Who knows why one leader was labeled “tail” and the other labeled “foot”…. that is just how she got the film back from the lab.

.  .  .

Golden Framboise won the award for Best Screenplay at the CinemaTexas short film festival in 2005, prompting Kiki to ask, “What was my competition?” Click the link to watch.

And, don’t worry! The optical soundtrack release print that she has of this film was not harmed in the making of this dress.



The Whole Package: Designed and modeled by Kiki Shakti, The Whole Package is the epitome of every woman. Take it or leave it, she is the whole package.

It is the dress worn by the Queen of Hearts on her way around the world. Made completely out of shipping materials, like cardboard corners, plastic straps, bubble wrap, paper wrapping, packing tape, and many other weird packing materials, this dress will send you where you want to go.



  • The Whole Package Dress

Designed by Matt Thomas

.                                                           Credit Card Dress                            .                            Sticker Label Dress

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