Meet Kiki

Team Kiki: Telling it like it is about your mom since 1979!

Kiki Shakti is a filmmaker, videography mentor, and the owner and founder of Kiki Love Productions, located in Taos, NM.

The child of an unorthodox upbringing with parents who came of age during the Counter Culture’s heyday, Kiki’s youth was sprinkled with glitter, shimmer, rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, and unconditional love. During an unfortunately prolonged angst-ridden, teenage goth-punk phase, the glitter turned black and her darker sensibilities coagulated. This motif, combined with a great appreciation of sci-fi and camp cinema, has been the foundation for her award-winning, and sometimes controversial films.

Well-traveled and well-read, Kiki’s work continues to benefit from her galivants. As an artist of many mediums, Kiki delivers eclectic expressions of love unchained by social norms, limited thought, or dogmatic beliefs. Her 

broad and inclusive world view is much needed in this age of xenophobia, as is her wry humour and dry, sardonic wit.

Kiki completed her Bachelor of Science degree from the department of Radio Television Film at the University of Texas at Austin in 2003. Kiki’s projects include: Coming Clean, a story of drug addiction told backwards in time; Golden Framboise, a tricked-out, glam-trash space adventure through the land of camp, which won the award for Best Screenplay at the 2006 CinemaTexas Short Film Festival; “Finding Kinky” a Kinky Friedman Documentary made during his infamous gubernatorial run in Texas in 2006;  “Sasquatch on Skis” and “Bin Caught Stealing Vol’s. 1-3,” made for the Taos Bentley Super 8 Film Festival, of which Kiki was a managing partner from 2006 -­ 2009. Kiki has produced numerous music videos for bands such as Tina and Her Pony, Vanilla Pop, and SocietyBurning. 

She also makes promotional videos for nonprofits and profitable organizations, such as True Taos Kids, Twirl, and Shree Yoga Taos.

Kiki has also worked for a variety of nonprofits and school programs as a video mentor, producer and director, including the “Video Diaries Project” at Girltime, and the “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” campaign with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, involving kids from three local schools. She is the lead video mentor for True Taos Kids’ radio/media program.

Currently, Kiki is completing “Revenge of the Moth,” an animated and live-action short absurd comedy horror expected to be released in 2019.