Waking Sunshine
What do you take me for?Some silly lapdogthat you can just throw off at your will,but then misswhen it runs
Waking Sunshine
The sun shines through the clouds, radiance and smiling pillows of soft music caress her face and carry her on
We Are All Made of Stars
  He sees the universe expanding within her He tears at himself to find his own and she tells him
The Boy is Mine, Bitch
  She sits alone there, in the back room waiting waiting for someone to tell her. Do I think that
Shiny Star
  Shiny star look back at me Do you not see how I cry? How is it you are so
Rain Dance
  The rainbow emerges from the dark sky proud and delicate. A pounding thunderstorm beats the colors of the earth
Love & Hate
  Love and hate, so inseparable connected and similar light and dark breath and death opposites, but together in the
Full Tank of Gas
Forever is always borrowed and all things change and pass and if you die tomorrow Well, I’ve got me a
  I told you I was crazy and you laughed it off We laid together in blue water sheets and
All I Want
  All I want is to love you No expectations, no tomorrow No red door blocking our exit To hold