I Will Not Stoop

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I will not stoop.
I will not slumber
My vigilance will reveal
itself in your dreams.

My dreams, too
My reality.
Ever-present, forever more
It is nothing, it is everything.

We are here together
Molecules floating, dancing
An eternally chaotic
and singularly choreographed
rhythm. Protons, neutrons
electrons! Electrifying us!

We are here alone
experiencing this strange life
through the chimera veil
lenses of our
Own individuality

And so,
I bring in the light.

I find it deep within
myself, within you.

I let it shine out to
greet  you and brighten
your day, and mine.

I do not lower myself.
I find I can
stand upright.

I see the light within you
It is up to you to bring it forth.

May 17, 2010