The Ice Machine Collection

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Ice Machine

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Cry and see me

take those whispers
like a moment

say your shadows ache
beneath a blood chain
of delicate skin and frantic lust

Who am I not to soar and shine?
Would the goddess stop and rust?
Could she rock me in my
red moon bed dress and
smear her girl in sweat and
rose petal honey?

Sing of love as some
delirious storm gone mad
though a ship plays still and
languid over the sad water

In your void
beauty worships me
a diamond blue vision
of sun and light above you
ripping open the sky

Language only essential in death
cool spring rain chants mortality
urging my garden to sleep.

March 26, 2010


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There is a grace
in this experiment
A psychedelic masterpiece
A sculpture with music
A film composed
by tiny me
Chisel an icon
Weld a game
Paint a mad, aesthetic
Feel his color of death
and pain always full of
metal and concrete and
empty fashion
Create art
Perform light
Write that high water away
Observe with joy,
little hottie
Dazzle him rigid
Moan free from paper senses
then appear
Dance absurd philosophy
Skip like deep rhythm screams
and looms behind naked red passion
Suffer you no elaborate bitter
demands, my sad friend
Storm, sun and moon shine from you.

April 21, 2010


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Raw beauty would
balance dust

what other life
could know how
to open the sleepy

good talk always
pulls easy

They never say all
is song

every harmony
through wood
my boy

model nude
and borrow love

see life as better
than some fiery lecture

an electric mean
captures shards of mind.

May 26, 2010


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run together
watch what my
picture of beauty
cooks up

The madness of raw music
would blow through me
and shake my sky
beneath moonshine mist

never could those whispers
crush me
flooding above a rusty
symphony of delirious
aching lust

show it fast
my mean and bloody will

tell him always
and after
when there is naught but
summer rain gone
Do away
with the weak chain parts
of love and friends

truly essential fluff
may still his
luscious honey moans
and blue knife light
leaving me ugly and tiny
in a cool white
bitter & sad chant.

May 26, 2010