I’m Ready

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I’m ready.
Let’s begin,
then maybe we’ll see
what can happen.

Let’s take a look
At the paths
from which we came
and rejoice
at the beauty before us.

How magnificent is
this life?
When it seems so
dark and slimy.
When it seems like
the light has retreated
against the darkness.

What a shiny, majestic
thing to be alive
in this moment
Right now!

It’s never too late,
you know.

Scar tissue is
stronger, if a little
bit uglier, than
normal, healthy flesh.

It’s never too late
to hold that pounding
heart before the
King of Love
and proclaim your
worship of Him.

Sing your song, but
remember that the
tune changes.
The melody flows with
melancholy and
heartache, but soon
enough the tempo
increases and you
can dance like Gene Kelley
to the movement of your life
with Jazz hands and

April 12, 2011