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It’s strange not to feel heartache
Just a small dismantling of the ego
A little power struggle.

It’s okay.

I made him feel sufficiently bad.

Perhaps he’ll think twice before
Treating a woman like that again.

He’s a good guy anyway
I’m not going for the aorta here,
Just defining who I am and
Demanding integrity.

Seems like it shouldn’t be such a tall order…

On paper.

Still, even in myself it’s difficult to
Determine my intentions


It’s okay

I spoke my truth.
I stood upright.
I was honest (brutally maybe),
AND compassionate.
We’re both just people.
He’s learning. I’m learning.
I think we’re both ahead of the curve.

I’m actually pretty impressed with myself.

How did I end up being so great anyway?

Maybe that’s why being rejected hurts so much…

January 24, 2011