Mantle Piece

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Mantle Piece

They must be so jealous of you
with your perfect sideways grin
your sweet, joyous demeanor
and your well-kept composure

They must each want
some little piece of you to hold
keep you in their hearts
and their pockets
to bring them joy
ever after

But you are much too creative
and elusive for that
No one can catch you
or trap you
You are free.
Free to be yourself
forever after
‘til death do you part
And what then?
Where will you go?
Who will you be?
A mind molded from dust?
A vision to behold

Crown you with my lust
and speak of you no more.
You’ll stay in my heart,
a longtime idea never
brought to a moment –
the thought of an expression
never noticed.
A gesture in the dark.

December 5, 2010