Poetry Grid Layouts

Vertical Option #1

  • Untitled no. 33

    Untitled no. 33

    What do you take me for?Some silly lapdogthat you can just throw off at your will,but then misswhen it runs away?I will not come at your whistle.I am nobody’s bitch but my own!

  • Waking Sunshine

    Waking Sunshine

    The sun shines through the clouds, radiance and smiling pillows of soft music caress her face and carry her on their silver bedsheets Emerging from her nap she yawns and smiles, a dull brilliance. … Read Full PoemWaking Sunshine

  • Untitled (We Are All Made of Stars)

    Untitled (We Are All Made of Stars)

      He sees the universe expanding within her He tears at himself to find his own and she tells him that they are one in the same Two galaxies whirling swirling twirling about each other They reach out their starry arms and grasp the space within.

Grid 3 Column Option #2

Masonry Grid 3 Column Option #3