Dance - It Will Save Your Life
The music plays soft thunder in my heart a longing for sweetness a look in his eyes I move I
White Hot Magic
White-hot magic turns to orange, then red The cooling off process thoughts of me in your head You rustle and
World in Motion
The world in motion We time her pace This human world with its ugly face To feel too real you
My Heart Bleeds Wine
My heart bleeds wine You are divine You were hers Now you are mine Funny how these worlds collide Why
Picture of a Young Girl
It’s the picture of a young girl brimming with pride and beauty her glory and vanity standing tall joyful irony
Do You Think You Know Me
Do you think you know me? Do you feel that I know you? As complete as we are together and
I’m worth it! Taking control! 19 Dresses? that show who’s boss. The art of seduction The ultimate date dress The
Ah, Sweet Sanity
Never before have I felt so sane Reasonable Logical Patient, even. All the cogs working together in unison All the
With fire and air Steam building Pounds through the kettle whistle, a siren calling me to tea Water With air
The Butterflies
A ball of electric shock fills my solar plexus anxiety knocks out my breath my diaphragm crinkles under the pressure