Fuck PMS
  I reserve the right to occasionally get upset for ridiculous and unreasonable reasons. I know their nature – and
Solo Conversation
I keep having all these strange conversations with you, as if you really exist and were right here with me
Anticipation is a killer crouched in the trees waiting to strike Patience would be great If she didn’t take so
September 18, 2012 I think of you from time to time and my heart alights with joy. You make your
I’m ready. Let’s begin, then maybe we’ll see what can happen. Let’s take a look At the paths from which
A chemical reaction A chain of events A laugh A pause A look away Stop. Look around. Okay, here we
It’s strange not to feel heartache Just a small dismantling of the ego A little power struggle. It’s okay. I
Mantle Piece
They must be so jealous of you with your perfect sideways grin your sweet, joyous demeanor and your well-kept composure
Ice Machine
[bg_collapse view="button-blue" color="#000000" expand_text="Collection No. 1" collapse_text="Hide" ] Cry and see me take those whispers like a moment say your
I will not stoop. I will not slumber My vigilance will reveal itself in your dreams. My dreams, too My